Friday, April 30, 2010


Off Mugga Lane across from Murrays bus depot are three brick "huts" with EXPLOSIVES displayed on the concrete pillar above the doors. The huts are complete (except for vandalised doors on two) with fences around them. They are located about a hundred meters from each other in a straight line and appear to be of some age (I can remember them from childhood so that's 40 years). I would say they are considerably older. They are located below the old Mugga Lane quarry that used to blast away when I was a kid living in Woden.

As yet I can find no information on their history...

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  1. well I'm not sure what bricks the yarralumla brickworks produced. But I was at the site today and they are constructed f canberra reds. The factory produced from 1913 to 1976 closed through the wars and depression. So that gives a small timeline of possably construction. If it is part of the quarry then finding out the time line of it would help. But actually finding out if it is is another story. I know the ruined building on the side of the hill beside the road further down was part of duntroon. so perhaps its something to do with that. But i would have to say more than likely the old quarry. There may be other buildings up the hill at the quarry that may have the same style.

  2. I agree Anonymous, The Yarralumla Brickworks were operational from 1913 to 1976 and the 'Canberra Reds' produced by the brickwork's were used for most of the early construction of buildings in the National Capital. The huts proximity to the quarry makes the quarry the obvious choice for provenance. Dating the huts is difficult and there appears to be no remnants of vehicular or pedestrian access to ascertain the degree of past use. As I said I can remember them blasting in the late 1960's and early 1970's... 40 or so years since last use?


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