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I remember Rose Cottage as an Inn in the 1980's. It was owned by Brain and Valerie Cheetham who were both parliamentary hansard reporters. They reclaimed the old heritage listed buildings and restored them along with creating a viable business. Many a good time is remembered as having occurred there.

Rose Cottage was originally a part of Tuggeranong Station. Richard James Harris (1830-1904) built the two heritage listed cottages in the early 1870s of pisé (rammed earth). The property then known as Sweet Hills Estate, stretched for 2000 acres (809.37 ha) and today as Rose Cottage Estate. The remaining property is only 3.9 ha.

The main building of two rooms...

Second building probably earlier than main...

Rose Cottage is still an Inn today and is open to the public for meals and refreshments. It is located at the intersection of Isabella Drive and the Monaro Highway.
Rose's Cottage Inn website is here

The buildings are rumoured to be haunted.
There is a good read here.

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