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On Coppins Crossing Road which links present day Weston Creek to Belconnen is Coppins Crossing. Coppins Crossing is a concrete causeway across the Molonglo River.

A sea captain, Capt. Cliffe (also ‘Cliff’) reportedly held (6,120 acres) in the area contained in a Block (3560acres). The block followed the southern bank of the Molonglo River to the Murrumbidgee River, he also held (2,560a), in Blocks that included both sides of the Coppins Crossing road, including Coppins Crossing itself.

Cliffe called the area the ‘Craven Estate’ and by the time of his death, he held 4,200 acres along the Molonglo River. This 4,200 acres of land on the Molonglo River, the estate of the late Captain Cliffe was put up for public auction by T.W. Smart on 16 August 1838.

Canberra Historian - Mrs Patricia Frei: - Article here.

There are reports of Aboriginal Camps on the Molonglo River from Yarralumla to Coppins Crossing.

Canberra Historian - Mrs Patricia Frei: - here says:

"Terry Horan’s parents came to the Canberra District in 1910. They lived in the vicinity of Coppin’s Crossing and Yarralumla Homestead. His father showed him some Aboriginal sites and said he would show him more when he was older. Unfortunately Terry’s father died before he could show all of them to his son. However Terry was shown Aboriginal paintings in limestone caves under the Civic area and knew of an Aboriginal Camp near Coppins Crossing."

Entry from the Belconnen end.

Crossing from side.

View down the Molonglo River.

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