Thursday, September 9, 2010


A collection of Movietone - Cinesound - Australia newsreels from 1938 - 1948 - 1962 showing everything Canberra had to offer. Buildings, the City, the Kingston Hotel, half of the King George V memorial, various government buildings of course, a wonderful view of the undeveloped Limestone plains - the area now covered by Lake Burley Griffin, construction of the Civic Centre and much more...

Canberra through time : Part 1

Part 2 contains Cinesound - 1960's - The building of commonwealth bridge, vehicle testing station and era cars, how to use circles - 1972 Australian Movie magazine - A tour of Canberra. (expected population by 1990 - 500,000), aerial views of 1970's Canberra, the rapid expansion of new suburbs and finishing with a 1990 capital 7 community advertisement for the capital...

Canberra through time : Part 2

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  1. Absolutely wonderful film footage Dave! I can't wait to show them to my children and grand children! The patriotism and melodrama of the commentary makes for very entertaining viewing, gems to be sure! The comments about politicians are worth bottling too ; )
    Thanks so much for a fantastic website for all of us Canberra lovers!

  2. Thanks Lynn! The lack of traffic lights, the new Civic Centre and the scenes of where the lake is now caught my eye and the commentary, I agree is absolutely priceless.


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