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Dated 1926 this article about the 1820's pioneer James Ainslie tells the tale of his involvement in the Battle of Waterloo and his settling of Robert Campbells property Piallago which was later to become the Duntroon Estate and in the 20th century the Royal Military College Duntroon.

The article relates Ainslies pursuit and eventful capture of the Bushrangers the "Terror of Argyle" John Tennant and his accomplice John Rix who stole the following items from Ainslies hut:

"29lb of Brazil tobbacco, four blue vests, two blue jackets, one striped vest, one black vest, one yellow vest, one light-coloured vest with pearl buttons, one light-coloured vest with covered buttons, one black silk handkerchief, one plaid cotton handkerchief, three red shirts, pair jean trousers, pair fustian trousers, upwards of 150 lb of flour, a quantity of tea and sugar, two or three gallons of spirits, powder and shot, pair half boots, four holey dollars, three Spanish dollars, two rupees, one spitalfields silk handkerchief, one cotton nightcap, and one small horse pistol which had been hanging on a nail beside Mr. Ainslie's bed."

A good read....

Federal Capital Pioneer - 25 June 1926

National Library of Australia (here)

I have another post about James Ainslie (here)

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  1. An excellent post Dave. There is a lot of information here that 19th century living historians would love to have. I hope some of them follow your blog.

  2. Thanks Keith. I have a love of 18th and 19th century history pretty much from all around the world. It was a time of exploration, adventure and pioneers and that is why I follow your blog.

    I highly recommend anyone interested in 18th century living history visit "The Woodsrunners Diary". Keith is a Living Historian based in New England NSW.


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