Thursday, November 11, 2010


The first mention I can find for the European use of the word Namadgi is from an observation written at Limestone Plains (present day Canberra) dated 1834 by the Naturalist John Lhotski (bio) in his notes during his exploration towards the Australian Alps:

Page 56. - "From this place the people pointed out to me Namadgi Range, being 18 miles distant S.W., which is covered in snow during a great part of the year." (a good read)

Johnny Boys Walkabout has another video from the Namadgi National Park in the Australian Capital Territory showing a 360 degree view from the cairn and survey marker on the summit of Mount Namadgi itself. Johns blog is a fantastic resource for information with plenty more videos showing the splendor of our National Parks. Also of great interest on John's site is a list of homesteads, huts, ruins, hut sites, and other significant non-indigenous man-made structures (link) in the park.

MAP (see John's site for an accurate location)

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