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Apparently thirty five years ago #Canberra was plagued by Yowies.  This is a few snippets from a lengthy article about Yowies in general with references to the Canberra / Queanbeyan region and the man that hunts them Rex Gilroy. Not withstanding that in 35 years of bushwalking in and around Canberra I have never seen, heard or smelt anything resembling a Yowie I suppose the truth is still out there....

The Australian Women's Weekly - December 1976

For the full article - National Library of Australia

My additional thoughts on the great 1976 Queanbeyan Yowie hunt:

It amazes me that with at least a couple around Queanbeyan and twenty five at Tidbinbilla and a 200K bounty that someone with a Ute, a decent spotlight and a shotgun wouldn't have at least winged  one. After extensive research however there appears to be no record of a Yowie's capture, wounding or death in the region in 1976. 

It is possible perhaps that they were found and to save the species live today a secret protected life on social security. I feel this is unlikely as knowing the local lads of QBN in the day if a Yowie existed they'd have bagged it. If however there was some sort of government cover up it is likely the Queanbeyan City Council would have pocketed the $200,000 (It was the 70's).

I have also discovered that Rex is alive and well and today heads the Australian Yowie Research Centre

Canberra has its own researcher into the Yowie known as Tim the Yowie Man. Tim is also on Twitter and apart from being the local authority on the paranormal appreciates any reports of supernatural or cryptozoological activity in the local area...

There is a far less sceptical post on the historical significance of Yowies in the Canberra area here

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  1. Great post! Great image!

  2. Beware of Yowies when trekking in Canberra Keith!

  3. Try reading The Yowie: The Search for Australia's Bigfoot by Tony Healy (a Canberran!) and Paul Cropper - there are plenty of accounts from the Canberra region within its pages.
    By some strange coincidence, we posted this up the same day! :-)

  4. Spooky CFZ..
    The full version of the article can also be found at the Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia (CFZ)


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