Sunday, May 8, 2011


I absolutely love these old letters to the editor by W.P Bluett of Brindabella.

When the Austrian naturalist John Lhotsky passed through the Limestone plains of present day Canberra on his expedition south to the uncharted Australian Alps in 1834 he noted that the region was unoccupied by Aboriginal peoples. His notes were subsequently published and the observation appears to have been accepted for a long time as having been a fact.

Enter Mr Bluett in 1927 who proceeds to challenge Lhotsky's qualifications for the observation and proceeds to set the record straight as to the Aboriginal occupation of Canberra...

The Sydney Morning Herald - 14 June 1927

National Library of Australia

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  1. Good one.

  2. Mr Bluett writes beautifully: long sentences with layered clauses, perfectly coherent. It's a dying art.


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