Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of the destinations on my never ending quest to keep the dog fit. I prefer when walking though to have a destination of interest to me and the Tuggeranong Railway Platform is one of them. Walk distance 1.8 km each way.

I believe it is referred to today as a siding but I do have a news clipping dated from 1895 describing the siding as the 'Tuggeranong Platform' and if that's what the residents called it at the time it's good enough for me.

There is a walking track located next to the railway lines which form the eastern border of the ACT. Pedal Power ACT is a champion of creating a Monaro rail-trail on the unused line which sounds like a great idea as the railway travels through some lovely Monaro Country.

Today on a walk I took some video showing a few of the features of this 19th century heritage site, the machinery, the siding itself and some old metal hardware used in the track's construction...

Queanbeyan Age Saturday 23 November 1895

If you would like to see pictures of an un-graffitied platform I have a post here from about a year ago. An interesting place to visit if you have a spare hour or two...


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