Monday, August 1, 2011


Another record of our casual attitudes to shooting native fauna in the early 20th century. Is it any wonder we struggle with some species of native animals today. The reported killing of what I suspect is a Wedge Tailed Eagle but reported as a Golden Eagle which by all accounts live in the Northern Hemisphere.

That generation managed to hunt the Koala and Rock Wallaby to extinction in the ACT and had a good go at the Quoll. It seems to me that the attitude generally in Australia for sport was 'If it moves. Kill it!'.

I did however watch one sailing over the Murrumbidgee near Point Hut Crossing last week before gliding off towards Tidbinbilla...

The Canberra Times - Tuesday 24 June 1930

National Library of Australia



  1. I love to watch eagles soaring over Wychwood Forest, it is good medicine.
    They shoot these beautiful birds & then wonder why they have such a rabbit & rodent problem. Total fools.

  2. I agree good medicine. No one shoots them today in the ACT however Keith. Apart from the rural landholders there is no shooting in the Territory except when the ACT Gov organises a regular cull of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo which can environmentally get out of hand every couple of years. Shooters today travel interstate unless they are competition shooting at the range. Cheers


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