Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday the Canberra Times reported that a brick structure had been discovered at Lanyon Homestead. This structure is being referred to as a vault. Local historians appear to be baffled as to the structures purpose. Hidden away by a 'car sized' growth of vines it was uncovered by gardeners keen to discover what lay beneath. All very intriguing so I went out to have a look for myself. This is some video I took...

I went early and met some of the gardeners near the vault. Some staff believe it is just an early septic tank but one young lady hoped that it may be a wine cellar and from the CT report there are quite a few other suggestions. I quipped it was long enough to contain bodies. Whatever lay inside, if anything, is to be investigated by Archaeologists when all the correct permits are attained and all the boxes ticked so it might be a while before we learn the outcome of this mystery. Very exciting, I hope its not a septic tank...


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