Monday, September 12, 2011


Another local gold mine article.  In 1895 one Mr John Blundell of Condor (Brindabella Road) discovered gold. Actually located ten miles beyond the Cotter in the Parish of Uriarra hence the 'Uriarra Goldfield. Seems it was quite an important discovery with a large reef and applications were intended for 40 acre mining leases...

Queanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904), Saturday 9 November 1895

National Library of Australia

A year later the find is being described as a gold rush...

Queanbeyan Age - Saturday 6 June 1896

National Library of Australia

A geological survey was organised but delayed by weather conditions...

Queanbeyan Age - Saturday 25 July 1896

National Library of Australia

Well I don't know if the geological survey was ever carried out or if it was of any value if it was. There seems to be no other articles pertaining to the gold rush at Uriarra indexed as yet by the Library. Anyway if your keen for a little prospecting apart from this new find there is apparently gold to be found on the Duntroon Goldfields and more at Hall somewhere near Ginninderra.


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  1. An interesting report of a geological assessment of the area in 1967 with details of the earlier survey and mining of the area.


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