Friday, December 2, 2011


A quick observation...

Apart from this being a nice description of Canberra's flowering trees I found it interesting when read in conjunction with another clipping from 13 years later that saw a time requiring the killing of 2000 possums from within a mile of the Canberra city centre. (post here). Now it all makes sense.

I couldn't fathom why 1945 saw the breaking point of a massive possum infestation until I read this article waxing lyrically to the joys of fruit tree blossoms from 50,000 almond, peach and plum trees planted in Canberra a decade before. I know the new city wanted quick growth and colour to enhance its garden city image, and the native wattle was probably a good choice, but as far as possums go it wasn't thought through very well at all.

The Canberra Times - Saturday 10 September 1932

National Library of Australia


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