Sunday, April 22, 2012


I had set a camera out 4 days ago in Namadgi and a friend, Andrew, set his. It then proceeded to rain off and on for the next 4 days and after looking at the forecast for the next week we decided to bring the cameras in and reset them again in better weather.I have found that in rainy weather nothing much is captured but I may be changing my opinion.

My camera recorded nothing. But Andrew's captured what I thought was a large rabbit or a small hare. I seem often to get at least one obscure picture to try and decipher. The rabbit theory came under doubt by the shape of the ears which seemed too mouse like to be hare or rabbit. My friend suggested a bandicoot and I replied I didn't know we had bandicoots...

Image wikipedia

I Googled to see if they are found here in the ACT but the only half decent info was a NSW Parks endangered wildlife info on the Southern Brown Bandicoot. This indicated a distribution along the east coast coastal ranges and quite a few national parks have them indicated but I could find no references to the Australian Capital Territory as evidenced by the distribution map...

The image below was captured at 6:25 pm on 19/4/12

Anyway it is what it is, another one for the I don't know collection.  I can't see a rodent like tail so that's one for a bunny so it could be just a large, small eared rabbit or small, small eared hare...


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  1. Hi Dave. I finally got a chance to put my trail cam out. You can see the results here.


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