Saturday, April 7, 2012


Just spent the afternoon and night setting up 3 heat and motion sensing cameras around Smoker's Flat in Namadgi. The plan is to leave them there for two weeks. The weather was simply delightful and the evening crisp and still. So still in fact that the return journey on the full moon lit trail was a little eerie. Not a sound.

Earlier in the day we met up with an interesting stick insect at the Smoker's Trail car park. First noted on my mate's hat it went on to display its blue wings and when released showed just how well it could meld and disappear amongst a nearby group of twigs.

It interested me enough to want to know its name but alas Google these past few hours has been unable to help me. I took some video...


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  1. Lovely fellows these, I occasionally find a stick insect on me when outside. Good images.

  2. Great little vid Dave. I love the way you assume it's a 'him', so funny. We have a saying in our house for those moments: "He...OR she..." LOL


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