Friday, May 4, 2012


I'm trying to focus my photographic efforts on nocturnal wildlife with not much success as yet. I have been able to capture most of the macropods in the area I have been in and a few feral species as well.... fox, pig and what I think was probably a small hare.

Before I continue with that I saw something this week that I thought was well worth a mention... Its not everyday you go up to Booroomba Rocks and discover a brand new species but that's what Stuart Harris of Canberra recently did.

He photographed a tiny jumping spider that was eventually shown to be a brand new species. It's called the Peacock Spider and has been appropriately named after its discoverer 'Maratus harrisi'. The Sydney Morning Herald has the full story...

As for my efforts with the trailcam during March and April I've put together a compilation of up to ten-second videos of Namdgi wildlife collected in two areas I've been in. I've decided to move to a different area for the winter round and am moving far south. I plan to set out cameras in the coming days...

The clips here are placed in the order they where collected and are all date and time stamped...



  1. That's an awesome video thanks Dave.

    1. Thanks Paul!


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