Monday, September 17, 2012


All bar the last fox in this video all the feral animals shown were filmed in one small area of Namadgi over irregular 4 day to 1 week settings of a motion activated wildlife camera. It was only when filing these clips away and deleting hundreds of captured images that I thought I would put them in a video.

These short settings of the camera are like small windows into the environment. They capture the natural goings on of an environment, just like this one on a creek clearing in the scrub...

I have mentioned this before but my overriding interest is identifying remaining occupied habitat of Spotted quolls, Once known around here as Tiger cats. They are today an endangered worry. Feral predation has been their downfall, predominantly dogs and foxes, since European settlers finished hunting them mercilessly.

I'm not interested in the known areas. I'll leave them to the learned but if I'm going to be out and about with wildlife cameras I wouldn't mind identifying areas where more intensive feral eradication could be implemented. As yet no success and the perfect habitat of the area I staked out in the video has provided enough information against the possibility that it has ruled that (already baited) area out.

And while I'm musing about Tiger cats... A biologist I follow was recently surprised on camera by a veraciously hungry quoll in its prime in Tasmania. He simply hung a road-kill rabbit in front of the camera and there it was bold as brass. An encouraging sign for his area. Unfortunately some idiot has introduced foxes to a once fox-free Tasmania. History suggests to me this may be the death-knell for quolls on the island.

ACT Vertebrate Pest Management Strategy

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  1. Sad about the quolls Dave, but the thought of sitting there at night with the sausages cooking... sounds like Heaven to me.

    1. Just had me thinking Jude. Yep great for sausages, 1 burner gasmate stove and your good to go. BTW. That little fox conned me out of a sausage


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