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The story of Herbert's Grave

UPDATE: 10/6/13

This video was inspired by a lady named Lisbeth Orrock. Thank you for educating me as to the true pioneer the memorial at the Nass Road bridge over the Gudgenby River honours. It ends a puzzle I have been slowly uncovering on Trove for 18 months. Apart from Identifiying the earliest pioneer, this link also confirmed the identity of the second reported body found at the roadworks in 1939.

Just putting it out on YouTube for those interested and sorry about the ocassional stutter; these old clippings can be hard to read. Reading was for youtube where the newspaper clippings are probably not easy without computer fullscreen...

It's a story of chinese whispers as a community searched for its own history. It follows a clipping from 1865,  several from 1939 and an the research of references from Lisbeth's ancestor William Chipendale after whom the Sydney Suburb is named. I agree with her that this historical anomoly should be recognised. That's fair enough...

The area of the graves is prone to flooding with a normally gentle Gudgenby River capable of rising to a raging torrent. Like all the flood prone major creeks and rivers in the ACT crossing in heavy weather could be perilous. Unfortunately flood waters could rise for weeks and crossing them could, and did on numerous occassions, prove fatal. The easiest way to see where the graves are in relation to Canberra is to keep zooming out...

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So its still a bit of a Mystery. Was Sarah Biddens responsible for the murder of Percy William Nass Herbert, son of Michael Herbert and Grandson of William Herbert. Strychnine seemed pretty common in those days but I can't see why anyone would desire to taste it? Seemed the locals thought it highly suspicious anyway...

So as far as I can see, for me at least, the end of the story as of October 2012 is William Herbert, first settler of the Nass Valley in the ACT remains unrecognised. That honour is held by his son Michael who is recognised on the Nass Plaque but actually died and was buried near Sydney at a ripe old age for the day. The child Percy seems totally unrecognised.

Why do I suggest the graves may still be there? The movement of the crossing place, They weren't taken to Top Nass, no record of reburial at Tharwa or Cuppacumbalong... Mr Oldfield, I know a decendant, may have made a coffin but I doubt he put a body in it. I think there was more to that tale than we will ever know. It's the 'vibe'. Chinese Whispers...

The place needs a new plaque

There you go Lisbeth it's public knowlege :)-

Update from Lisbeth 7/10/12

Do you mind if I make a small correction on the side issue of the name Emanuelson?  It is not quite correct – it should be Emanuel Mandelson as shown by the following quote from Cotter Country by Bruce Moore p 44.  This is probably why you had difficulty finding any records of burials.
The partnership of Emanuel Mandelson and Moses Joseph acquired both of the Naas properties in 1867. The partners belonged to two Jewish families who had extensive commercial interests in Goulburn. The Mandelsons were hotel keepers and the Josephs conducted a general store. Mandelson was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1869 and also appointed a Sheep Director for the Queanbeyan district. He later became a successful publican in both Yass and Queanbeyan where he gave much support to the sport of pigeon shooting.”
The only record of the death of a child of Emanuel Mandelson is Louis Mandelson b. Jun 1861, d. 12 Dec 1863, buried in Goulburn Jewish cemetery.

Update from Donald Ford 10/6/13

Hello Dave my name is Don Ford and my ancestor was William Herbert my grandmothers Great Grand father. Very interesting read was the Michael Herbert Cairn at NAAS Valley, also the comments from Lisbeth.
Percy William Naas Herbert is buried at the Riverside Cemetery at Queanbeyan I have attached the photo from the Cemetery also his Grandmother Ann Herbert is buried there as well.
I have also attached death certificates for William and Michael Herbert for your info. Percy wasn't mentioned on Michael's death certificate but it is the same family.
This is all exciting stuff thanks to you and Lisbeth confirming what I already knew except the part about the Cairn at Naas.



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