Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ingledene Forest

A fresh trip this morning to Ingledene Forest (360 hectares). A forest no more in the true sense of the word since the 2003 bushfires though. I believe it is earmarked as the future site for the ACT's proposed solar farm. I was however more captivated with the view back towards Canberra at this stage.

Dominating the skyline is Mount Tennent it's scar formed by a huge mudslide prominent.

From a position on the hill before Ingledene on Smith's Road with the Gudgenby River flowing on the left...

And the Murrumbidgee River flowing on the right.

The Eastern Grey Kangaroos were lounging around in the Gigerline Nature Reserve's morning sun.

I was on the motorbike so didn't progress far along the dirt section of Smith's Road but after these past few days of extreme heat the cool morning breeze and the absence of traffic on the route was enjoyable..

Ingledene forest appears to be being reclaimed by the bush. If this solar farm goes ahead I imagine the view down to the rolling land of the forest will become a very well known site and sight. This appears to be a perfect vantage point above the junction of two rivers... 

A view North across Gigerline Reserve and Cuppacumbalong back towards Canberra and a view south across silent fields of solar panels to the Tinderry Mountains beyond. Imagining it, it will be a remarkable feature on the Canberra landscape.

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