Monday, January 7, 2013

Secret men’s business 2

Above is my favourite picture I captured last year. It was taken mid winter on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River near Cuppacumbalong ACT. What I found interesting was the litl acorn trail camera the picture was taken with is electronic and soundless. The camera also had a one second delay from trigger to shutter capture.  Somehow the fox detected the PIR trigger and in the next second looked directly into the camouflaged camera’s lens.  What a wiley fox.

This post is a continuation of a post I wrote recently... I was very pleased today to learn that the tumours I had removed from my bowel recently have returned from the biopsy pre-cancerous but thankfully benign. This has been a weight off my mind as my Father had bowel cancer.  So, thankfully business as usual for me albeit now with regular check ups.

I now look forward to a project in Namadgi this winter. I noted near Tharwa in video snippets whilst staking out wombat burrows last year a lot of co-habitation of foxes with wombats in active burrow systems. This little capture below was the most exciting of many captures of interaction around burrows...

I expect something triggered the camera (one second delay) before this footage was captured. I ponder what went into the burrow, at speed, before the fox. Far too fast for a wombat. Anyway I think the interaction I have captured of foxes around wombat burrow networks, on many occasions, is interesting. I would have thought foxes would be a danger to wombat joeys. They probably are...

The end of the story is I do feel like I've dodged a bullet and my mind is free now to concentrate on a few bi-polar projects, live life and enjoy the Grandkids.




  1. Very pleased to hear you are in the clear my Friend.
    Take care.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Appreciated Keith :)


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