Friday, February 8, 2013

Remote camera update

I was disappointed after leaving a remote wildlife camera in Namadgi to find that I had neglected to remove one flower heading plant from the camera's  field of view. As you can imagine this overlooked plant swayed gently in the breeze for the full 6 days activating the camera hundreds of times.

After a long time reviewing identical pictures as far as I can ascertain only one small wallaby was captured on the evening of the first day. Live and Learn...



  1. A Very good point! If I am ever fortunate enough to own a trail/farm cam, I will try & remember this!
    Regards, Keith.
    PS. Was that a mullen plant Dave?

  2. How frustrating for you!

    1. not a drama. It was a sigh moment but live and learn. I thought I was over those sort of mistakes. I need to slow down I move to fast sometimes leah :)


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