Friday, March 15, 2013

The Australian Anti-bullying Register

I'm old enough now to admit I suffered terrible bullying at a unit in QLD in 1981. Bullying and bullies have been around a long time in the workplace. I think back to my time as a young soldier and remember with nagging memories situations I endured over 30 years ago, memories that still come back to haunt me.  In my day they called it bastardization and they were pros at it. The people that dished it out, and were supported at all levels, truly were bastards…

Solutions, where are the solutions… I would like to bring an initiative of Miracles Australia Inc. to people’s notice and attention. Miracles Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting research into Psychological Complex Trauma. I had never heard of PCT and certainly didn't know there were studying it...

Anyway… they have Advocacy services, fund research and all kinds of stuff but what I am interested in most is they run a few programs aimed at combating bullying in the workplace. What impressed me the most about this was they are actually solution driven. They have training programs available for all levels of employment from senior management, through middle management and filtering down to the workers at the coal face.

They introduced Critical Containment Methodology, a process that identifies critical points in dealing with poor behaviour in the workplace and formulate appropriate actions at the earliest opportunity. The anti-bullying training as far as I can see is an appropriate solution in a world where all everyone does is identify the problems, I can assure you they have been identifying the problems, as far as I'm aware, for over 30 years.

I was speaking to the President Sue Bradley who told me the biggest problem they have is getting the training programs out there in enough range to really make a difference in society. After a short conversation I agreed to help in the limited method that I can… my blog.

Public awareness was essential for the organisation to get the message out to employers everywhere that there are solutions; you can protect both your staff and yourselves by short circuiting eventual legal claims or compensation payouts and protect the health and well being of your employees. I really don’t understand why Insurance companies at the very least are not making the training compulsory for all their workplace policy holders. Think of the millions saved for your shareholders guys.

While I'm having a rave… perhaps any denizens of our Public service with  who may be reading this might do the community a favour, have a read of the Miracles website and recommend it to the powers that be. Ping the ACT Government. Pilot programs are apparently a speciality.

They also have another initiative they launched today that you might like to support. It’s an affirming awareness project called the Australian Anti-Bullying register. They are asking people to add their name, upload an avatar or photo and write a few words. You can do this as an individual, a business or organisation. That’s it... its free and you will be showing your support for a very worthwhile organisation.

When you sign you will be offered the opportunity to buy a certificate authenticating your signature on the register to display to the public. It shows your support. This is not compulsory  If you’re a business you can present your support to your customers and clients easily as yours will be presented in a frame. Please note: They receive no government funding. It only takes a minute... and its my belief they are an underrated cause. I urge you to let them know their message is actually getting out.

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David Reid.


  1. Good post Dave, excellent.
    Regards, Keith.

    1. Its the solutions driven bit I like Keith eh. Cheers Dave


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