Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Canberra Eastern grey kangaroo documentary

I came across this series of three videos documenting a study into the Eastern Grey Kangaroo in Canberra. The study tracked a number of Kangaroos collecting data of their movements from the city's hills into the suburbs to graze at night. It also raises the issue of Kangaroo management, such as the high car accident rate,  the annual Canberra cull and the results & the conclusions from the study's data. Very well put together and very informative from a Canberra perspective.



  1. The trouble as I see it with culling is that Kangaroos move around. People think there is an explosion in roo numbers in their area, so they cull. Next thing you know there are in fact very few roos.
    They move to find the best food & water, whilst they are in this new area, it means that other areas have very few roos. In good times these roo numbers are exactly the same, but they are spread over a larger area so are not noticed.
    Humans are the problem, not the native wildlife.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Thanks Keith... its a problem here only with the eastern greys and regardless of explosive numbers this has always been their turf... you still get them in the mountains near the plains but the Macropods expand into red-necked wallabies, wallaroos & swampies... Canberra is like a magnet to them... and good food and water encourages gestation. Frankly they have never been a real problem to me... my hairiest route for 5 years was nightshift at the old Kiddy's Prison. Went Gong Gully Road (notorious for roos) at 10 pm & 6 am respectively... A few close calls... slow down & drive sensibly... I think its a skill you learn. All up in 35 years of driving I have only hit 2 or 3 and only 1 in Canberra. Anyway... according to the video our danger period starts soon... I expect the first frosts within days mate.

  3. Dave, Thanks for using the vids. I hope to be able to post it in its entirety soon. In total it runs about 49 min.long. I cannot believe I'd forgotten your Blog was here. Glad you reminded me.

  4. Thanks Richard... I'd love to see the original mate. Yep the blog keeps ticking on :)

  5. Just a comment fyi: kangaroo populations grow at 3-8% pa, and only in good years. During drought they crash minus 35-60%.

    Fletcher's TAMS management plan says 40% cull is sustainable.

    Very strange maths. See www.kangaroosatrisk.net

    1. An enlightening read.


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