Thursday, April 4, 2013

The history of Yvonne in Queanbeyan

Yvonne in Queanbeyan is a 5 bedroom house located at 75 Campbell Street and was built in 1908 for Mrs Johnston as a family home. Two years later she registered the building as a lying-in birthing hospital. It was not till several decades later that Canberra and Queanbeyan opened Maternity Wards. The following video is a very good production discussing the rich history of the building...

I would have thought this a rare thing. A little birdy tweeted me yesterday and told me that the historic property has been offered for sale. Seems to me a wonderful opportunity to own a grand residence in the bustling City of Queanbeyan.

For those interested Peter Blackshaw is the Agent

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  1. I wonder how the citizens of Queanbeyan can allow this building not to be maintained for it's historical significance? Surely the NSW government values such a house?

    I guess it has been a private residence for decades now, but surely it is never too late to make it a vital part of the local museum and bring the display currently in the museum, back home where it belongs?

    Calthorpe's House in Canberra is beautifully maintained and cared for mainly by volunteers and the property must have far higher monetary value than Yvonne?

    I hope it can be preserved for future generations to appreciate and visit, but then, I am a dreamer ;)

    1. Well said Lynn.

    2. Unfortunately without private ownership they are sometimes left to ruin. I cite Hills Station Homestead in Hume as an example. Last I looked the verandahs are rotting off it. The for sale sign is years old.


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