Sunday, June 30, 2013

Canberra Noisy Miner Bird

This is the native Noisy Miner Bird photographed at Tidbinbilla but common around the suburbs of Canberra. Unfortunately it is often confused with the introduced and destructive Indian Myna bird.

For more information: The Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc.

As you can see there are obvious differences on closer inspection. The introduced bird has a full black head with yellow markings of a different shape and the body colour is different. Basically not all birds with yellow eye patches and yellow beaks in Canberra are the same. 



  1. Yes, we have these here too!

    1. You are lucky living in Wynchwood forest mate. The Mynas are a problem here Keith. I just think people should remember the native Miner. They get a bad rep by beak colour. Lovely birds.


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