Monday, June 24, 2013

Quoll found on Isabella Drive Canberra

Sorry if the image is disturbing but hopefully this is an indication that the poor old locally rare and endangered Spotted tailed quoll in Canberra is making a comeback. This is all the information I have been able to get.


Photo: Adam FitzGerald!forum/natchat

The Quoll was discovered on the side of Isabella Drive, Gowrie on the morning of 9th June.

It was near the underpass (on the road obviously) between Ashley Drive & Kellet Streets.

We rang Namadji Visitor's Centre at the time & advised them as we thought it was unusual. They were very interested & asked us to email the details to them. We also emailed them the photo so they knew we knew what we were looking at.

Rangers rang us the next day as they wanted to collect the poor bugger for DNA-testing, stomach contents examination, & possible taxidermy etc.!topic/natchat/q6QPkZiVcpA


The nearest non urban habitat is Fadden Pines. From there a small corridor of habitat exists through the suburb of MaCarthur into the Canberra Nature Reserve...

As an example of the rarity for quite a while....

The Canberra Times - Friday 17 July 1936

National Library of Australia


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