Saturday, July 13, 2013

Three years

I recently had need after an email to revisit the first post on this blog. I realized then that this blog had been going for over 3 years.  It started on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 after a visit to the Aboriginal grinding grooves of Theodore.

Its been a journey in the discovery of Canberra's history, heritage and natural wonders. Simply started as a way to host photos and video and share what I researched. It has turned into a collection of 572 posts occasionally sprinkled with my opinions which have also brought on challenges..

Blogger only keeps stats of page views. The blog nowadays seems to range from 8,000 to 12,000 pageviews whether I post or not. Usually on searches for Canberra's history or wildlife.

It really is an erratic picture. If we get heavy rain in Canberra posts and videos I made of the 2010 floods increase in pageviews. Same with snow. Mentions of historical sites in the media etc..

So for what its worth here are the blogger stats for 3 years.

 The counter clicks over at 11am each day. These are the stats at 2 pm...

There are perennial posts that just get a steady stream of views. These were the top ones...

There are 9 static pages in the link bar...

Visitors have been predominantly Australian...

So there we have it... 3 years on davesact. I actually expect to be posting more in the near future as I embark on a quoll hunt in the region. I hope to get some photographic and video evidence of a viable population in the area. They are a rare thing in Canberra.


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