Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A detailed look into Canberra's convict past

Convict built Lanyon Barn (circa 1840)

Until March last year when the Lanyon Barn was gutted by fire you could have seen the display inside mentioned in the following Trove article. The roof is now repaired and I am not sure what display if any has been contained within but the old display was one of my favourites and a few posts about it are sprinkled through this blog.

The old display was a loss and reading this article reminded me of the knowledge I gained of Canberra's convict past from the preservation and displays at Lanyon. I made the following video in 2010 from photographs taken of the canvass wall hangings in the display. From memory I think the series was called 'Convict Portraits'...

The Canberra Times -Wednesday 22 June 1994

National Library of Australia

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  1. Good one Dave, shared.

    1. Thanks mate. Appreciated always :)


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