Thursday, October 3, 2013

Corin Road nature

I haven’t been out much recently as I have been dealing with a few health issues and I'm trying hard to stop smoking. Only anecdotal I know but as a 17 year old soldier ‘smoko’ was a section ritual and in those days of barstardization the few non-smokers were instructed to pick up butts during the break. Anyway a hard habit to break…

It was my intent earlier in the week to set a trail camera and some recording equipment near Punchbowl Creek but the Corin Dam Road was closed at Wood’s Reserve because of a rockslide further on. The fellow manning the blockade informed me it was a substantial fall that may take a few weeks to clear.

Not so much from the boulders now situated on the road but for the future landslides they still support.  This is the second rock slide in what appears to be the same section of road in the past 18 months. Seems an occurrence whenever there is heavy rain.

A disappointing trip but I took a minutes video where we turned around. A bit of Corin Road nature…

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