Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reintroducing the Dingo

After so much effort for so many decades trying to eradicate dingos it's interesting to hear of talk here about reintroducing the once common native dog to help the ecosystem.

I had read of research that suggested (from a dog proof fence study) that areas with dingos had more surviving small species and less feral cats whilst the controlled side of the fence was the opposite. It's obvious on one level that the reductions of cats in on the dingo 'side' can only be a help for small ground dwelling, often endangered species.

(Below: Wild dog/dingo photographed at Smoker's Gap ACT)

Canberra Times article by John Thistleton...

"Rather than impose his view on dingoes controlling kangaroos, Canberra author Roland Breckwoldt will pose questions next month on who should take responsibility for endangered native species... "

The Canberra Times. Challenge for conservationists.

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  1. I lived for many years at "Waratah" an old sheep property to the mountains to the west of Canberra between Uriarra and Wee Jasper. The property bordered on the old Dingo fence separating the grazing lands from thick inaccessible country to the North.

    While I have seen close up the affection and intelligence of these animals in domesticated situations - my time at Waratah also demonstrated the destructive powers of the animals in a rural setting. I remember coming upon one of our flocks that had been ravaged by a pair of dingos over a day and a half. The destruction was staggering.

    Love your posts :)


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