Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Royal connection

My royal credentials are impeccable for a colonial commoner. I saw the Queen as a young soldier assigned to guard the cavalcade vehicles during CHOGM in 1981. The experience became something I have in common with Bob Menzies... "I did but see her passing by..."

A few years later I also saw the young Prince William I recall on his Mother Diana's hip albeit on a news report... perhaps in the paper.

And here we are 30 years later and I am again aware of the fervour only a monarchical arrival can generate. That toddler from the 80's is now 2nd in line for our future Head of State and he has his own future Head of State on hip securing our British Heritage for generations to come. I for one sleep better at night knowing there are three blue-blood Englishmen lined up to continue our constitutional future.

Another thing is that whilst the Royal couple enjoy the luxuries of Yarralumla they are only 10 kms from my suburban castle. I know this because I toss pigeons from the suburb on training flights. To think the future King & Queen of Australia are only a 5 minute pigeon flight from home. It would take me 20 minutes if I was to stake out the entrance for a glimpse although if I could get past the security I would never again wash my eyeballs. Perhaps if I'm pepper sprayed.

Just the thought of it inspires me to support the English Cricket Team or join the Australian Monarchists League... at the very least eat more hot English mustard.

My Family in fact came out from Britain in 1820 so after 190 odd years it's completely understandable why my allegiance to Mother England, as with the planned mustard, is so strong.

So three cheers for the Royal Family... May Uluru be red for them and the bilbies bouncy. I for one will be booking in for the 2043 tour of George and his young family. You know it makes sense.

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