Sunday, June 22, 2014

The state of Dave's ACT

I'm taking the time tonight to mark a bit of a milestone for this weblog which won't probably happen for 24-48 hours but I will be busy.

A bit of a ramble covering 4 years and a recent turnover of 500,000 page views.

Back in 2010 when I first started posting to this blog it was simply to share photos and video & jot a few notes. At the time I had sold a small property in the mountains I lived on for a few years and upon returning was keen to revisit or learn of interesting historical sites, old stories and what was to become a large collection of Canberra centric National Library heritage newspaper clippings.

All the clippings and video are cited to the source although there may be oversights but they would be rare I expect. It used to worry me I was perhaps breaking some copyright law but in due time the blog was indexed by Pandora so I suppose it is not an issue.

I'll also make comment on the thousands of links displayed over the years. It is impossible to check, maintain or update the myriad contained in over 600 individual posts.

Mostly the blog contains that sort of material but occasionally it has simply been my comment on particular issues I take an interest in. I will note for anyone contemplating a blog that this can endear you to some folk and alienate you from others from all sections of society, or at least the society with an internet connection and knowledge of your URL.

To be truthful I have considered deleting the blog in its entirety on several occasions. This obviously never eventuated with absences from posting usually sufficient to dampen the urge. Put simply the implications of publishing ones thoughts and opinions should be carefully considered because once in the realm of the google algorithm a word spoken seems can never be withdrawn. At the end of the day I haven't I believe posted anything I didn't think was worth recording be it about a heritage cemetery, platypus trap or an unsustainable wild kangaroo harvest.

Google's search engine seems happy with me. Recent months more so which seems to relate more to a major theme change than any addition of content.

As you can see the increase has been significant. As of this moment, the stats are thus...

I won't go into individual posts because the blog gets a lot of traffic to older posts. I used to list them as I collected them as a separate list but it hasn't been updated since 2011. Still it will give you an idea of the type of the majority of content contained within.

The History & Heritage page.

So that's about it. A $10 domain, free blogger blog and public soapbox. More than anything it has been the surge in traffic in recent months as it pushed towards this mark that has inspired this post... I'll mention it again at a million. < evil laugh >

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