Thursday, October 25, 2018

Westlake and the Scar Tree - Stirling Ridge

A walk today up Stirling Ridge in the Canberra diplomatic suburbia of Yarralumla. I am slowly revisiting sites of documented Indigenous heritage that I know of for a fellow researching the Yuin and Peoples of the surrounding area. These sites are ones that I haven't seen since 2010-12 so any changes in 2018 should be evident.

We met up at the site of the old Westlake Settlement where the early construction of Canberra's workers were housed.. There is new signage since I was last there which I think is appropriate and informative.

The walk starts above the old settlement and continues climbing (easy) past an original Canberra sewer vent with a wafting aroma for a few metres.

As for the scar trees on my short visit I could only relocate one. This doesn't mean the others are gone just that I have a short memory.

Another suburban expedition will be launched on the appropriately weathered day.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Latham Indigenous stone grinding grooves - Canberra

A trip this morning to meet up with Vlad who is researching South Coast and Canberra region Indigenous remnant artifacts that luckily remain dotted around the suburban countryside. Today we met up on the banks of Ginninderra Creek in the Canberra suburb of Latham armed with, what turned out to be, a vauge map to the location of 18 documented Indigenous grinding grooves.

The stone is decribed as Volcanic tuff which I am told is very hard which explained why the original survey indicated they were shallow. We managed to locate only two grooves out of the marked eighteen.

It is possible the remaining grooves are overgrown as the creek edge foliage was lush and covering up to the waters edge. The locations indicated several groups of two grooves, two groups of 3 and one group of seven grooves.

I took some video of the two grooves we found..

Some photos..

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Symonston Aboriginal stone tool quarry

A visit today to the Symonston Aboriginal Quarry site in Canberra. I haven't been here in 8 years so I was interested in seeing its condition after that time. Apart from a bit of rubbish and a covering of dead pine needles it does not appear to have changed although, from memory, there was more "chert" flakes years ago.

Unless you were specifically researching the site its not a site you would just stumble upon. It is very close to a major industrial/commercial development. I took some video..

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Woods Reserve on Corin Road - Canberra

I decided to spend my birthday eve at a nearby campground I had overlooked all my life. Just another year until a passing thought reminded me that the next time I need renew my driver's license I will be 60.

Named after Edward and Julie Woods who are simply described as two 1880s settlers in the area. A small stone cairn bears a plaque.

The campground is a 30 minute drive from the southern suburbs of Canberra via Point Hut Crossing  Tidbinbilla Road and Corin Road. The amenities are first class as far as this happy camper is concerned with heaps of leveled campsites with firepit and bench table and nearby parking.

There are two blocks containing well maintained flush toilets with one set having a single shower (male and female.) And a disabled toilet with shower.

Lyrebirds, brushtailed possums, kangaroos, red necked wallabies seem somewhat oblivious to the human activity with the possums warily approaching the campfire as they pass through. For those a bit fitter there is a walking tail climbing up to Gibraltar Falls.

For those seeking a quick escape from society, the phone and internet as I do I can't recomend this little campground highly enough. Well done ACT Government.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Corin Dam Today

Just posting these photographs here for future reference. The first is an image of Corin Dam this morning and the second is a photograph I took from much the same location in May 2011.

I'd say it may be an indication of the consequences of the current drought.

Corin is one of three dams connected in a 'chain of ponds' Corin to Bendora to Cotter Dam which has been upgraded in capacity in this decade. I'm sure we have plenty of water but I think its worth noting.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Final thoughts on the Mount Tennant UFO?

I collected the camera this morning as the weather was forecasted for rain. Sitting here writing this I note we have had less than 1 mm of liquid. No sign of a break to the current drought.

The camera was set to take 1 photograph and 30 seconds of video every 10 minutes and I was trying to identify the source of a light I photographed that appeared to be hovering and pulsating above Mount Tennant near Tharwa in the Australian Capital Territory.

I took some video today which is posted below as I recovered the camera. When I got home I again detected a light, which appeared to remain visible for less than an hour, above Mount Tennant. I am sort of confident that the light is too high to be the firetower when I compare daytime still captures with the night.

 I'll leave it up to you..


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The area I am curious about near Tharwa got an hour of my attention today. I have had two other attempts at capturing an explanation to the unknown light I captured last week above Mount Tennant.

I set another camera today and took a little video showing the area and the target frame of the camera..

Monday, October 1, 2018

Theodore Aboriginal Axe Grinding Grooves.

I visited an Indigenous heritage site today that I have visited every few years by habit. Today the flat beds of stone were prominently exposed with the surrounding  grassland totally eaten down to the ground I suspect by local Grey Kangaroos. Grinding grooves are created in the process of grinding shape and edges to stone implements, crushing ochre and grinding seeds are some of the known uses.

I was disturbed however to see a nearby, un-grooved as far as I remember, rock that had been smashed with a melon sized rock which was located nearby..

The rest appeared as they had last time I visited with a considerable amount of washed in sand grit and leaves in the large bowls..

Located in the Canberra Nature Reserve. Entrance off Christmas Street Theodore, Canberra ACT.

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