Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Return to Devils Gap

On the 22nd of December I returned to a small geological feature near Canberra called Devil's Gap which is located in between Gibraltar Creek and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. My aim was to see if some strange out of place type of noises I first captured in 2012 whilst recording lyrebird song would repeat.

I collected the recorder and returned home to find that my computer had given up the ghost so I sent the SD card containing 16 files of 6 hours duration each to a fellow called Dan who edits an Australian online newsletter called the Yowie Times and who researches the existence of what we today would commonly refer to as a Yowie.

He collaborates with several persons in the field of study a lot more knowledgeable and technologically savvy than David. The recordings in the following video are the results. Feel free to comment.

( if you are interested in subscribing to the Yowie Times send an email requesting submission to [email protected] )

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