Friday, June 28, 2019

The loss of a significant remnant heritage listed Canberra Scar Tree

The now lost Wanniassa scar tree in 2010..

Recently an identified Aboriginal scar tree was wrongly cut down and mulched despite heritage listing. The magnificent and free ABC reported on the occurance here.

I had first and last visited the tree in 2010 and the photo above is from that visit. The kids at some point in time called it the "spook Tree" which I'm sure is a story in itself.

I have visited the sites of many of the Tuggeranong and Woden Valley trees. Many are in an excellent condition and, protected by law, should be around for whatever the lifespan of the tree is. My thoughts go to the trees on the fringe of the Diplomatic area of Yarralumla on West Ridge.

These appear to me, although it could be a trait of the species, to be very old compared to others I have seen..

There are other trees however that, in 2010, were seeing the ravishes of white ants.. not much left of some but compost.

Which brings me to the point of this post.. is there more we can be doing to preserve these trees for future generations. Especially any neglected on Stirling Ridge

If anyone is interested in the not difficult walk it is located on the intersection of Empire Circuit and Forster Street Yarralumla starting at the signposted remnants of Westlake Settlement. Walk up the hill where you will find a track that climbs past a 1920's Canberra sewer vent that looks like an ornate chimney to the ridge where most of the trees are located.

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