Monday, October 28, 2019

A visit to the South East Forests National Park

I planned to spend two nights exploring the South East Forests National Park located near Bombala New South Wales.

My first impression was how dry it was and as one of my aims was to explore some peat swamps, which were marked on the map as permanently wet swamps, but alas were bone dry.

In fact, apart from dozens of wombats and a feral deer and a few wallaby, the mid spring flora seemed void of anything flowering. On one 3.5 km walk around a swamp I found only one flowering plant within view. A flowering fern. Which was the most stunning indigo colour.

Another quick visit was a call in at an old slab and corrugated iron hut called 'Alexander's hut'. Despite having only 3 rooms it is in suprisingly good condition and is obviously well maintained. It was apparently lived in permanently into the 80's. I'd live there today.

My 2 night trip was however cut short as the weather became uncomfortable for camping without a campfire which is something we had better get used to as there is a total fire ban in all NSW National Parks till March 2020.

I ended up taking more video than photos which seems to be my way in these nbn days. Here is a disjointed collection of video I took over the two days. 


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