Sunday, March 21, 2021

A new decade new directions

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Hello. It's been a while. I'm still adjusting to 2021 slowly moving back into the internet mindset. There are nearly 700 posts on this blog and although I haven't posted much in a while still gets a couple of hundred visitors a day who, I hope, find the information I present interesting or useful. As the weather cools I intend to get out and about more with a view to creating content for this old blog.

Also as dipping my toe into the podcasting pool I have decided to develop some of the posts on this blog I have researched over the past 10 years into audio podcasts. It is a learning curve but I have posted a first episode today entitled "Onyong - the "last of the wild blacks". My podcast Channel 'Reid Report' can be found here.

I will probably be more eclectic in my online content from here on in. I may revisit some older posts on this blog, reworking some and developing some into podcasts. At the moment the east coast of Australia is getting a drenching. A far cry from the long drought of previous years. If you get a chance call in and give my podcast a listen. 

Cheers Dave

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