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The office is where I post the mundane things such as disclaimers, copyright, privacy policies and such... Unfortunately necessary in this day and age. My aim is simple whilst I explore the ACT,  to share factual information and provide links on this weblog to interesting and informative material. All in all remember for me it's a hobby and a chance to exercise with the dog. (Scruff McTuff)

First ever 'historical' sniffer dog.
West Highlander Terrier (here) X Shitzu (here)

Most places I visit are under the control of the ACT Government although some places are in the hands of private owners or organisations.  In the course of my research I travel to many varied places within the ACT. I always attempt to get the permission of the landowner or organisation in control of the area containing a relic. 

All text is copyright and sources are quoted as required.
All images served on this weblog are either: 
1. Taken by me and I own the copyright  
2. Are provided by wikimedia (here)   
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* If the image is found to have an owner I will either link a credit to them or remove the offending image from the server


When you send me an e-mail from this Web site, you will be providing me with certain personally identifiable information including your e-mail address. I will not disclose that address to any one and will only use it to correspond with you at your request. I do track visitors stats such as Country, City, and search words/phrases used in search engines only because I think it's interesting and the information is not used for any other purpose.


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