Aboriginal scarred trees are old, at least 100 years of age and up to the life span of the species of tree, which can be more than 500 years. Surviving scarred trees are relatively rare owing to the land clearing practices of early European settlers, bushfire and natural attrition. As scarred trees are not very common they are assigned a much higher significance in the ACT than they may be elsewhere in the country.


 Image State Library of NSW (here)
There is an excellent Scarred Tree Identification Manual (here)(pdf)

And another (here)(pdf) 

Red Hill scarred tree (link here)
Wanniassa scarred trees (link here)
Westridge scarred trees (link here)
Canoe tree II (wanniassa)(here)

(above) Aboriginal bark canoe (1938) made out of a sheet of bark folded and tied at the ends with plant-fibre string. The bow is folded to a point and the stern has a squared end. It measures 3m (9 feet) X  45 cm (18 inches).

Video: How to make an Aboriginal bark canoe...

A video showing the making of a Wira or Coolomon: 16mm movie of an Aborigine who expertly makes a wira out of the bark of a tree.

Wanniassa Canoe Tree II - Aboriginal scarred tree 24/6/2010.

Opposite side coolamon/sheild ?

Westridge - Aboriginal scarred trees 16/6/2010.

Ghost Gum - Western slope of Red Hill near Garran ACT.

The "Spook Tree", Wanniassa, A.C.T.

A Wanniassa suburban front yard.

'The canoe tree'.

 I think they should be preserved something like this
(below) when age or circumstance end the tree's life.

 Or even just this...


Scarred Tree species - key: ST
Applications to the ACT government to 
remove these species will be supported.

Eucalyptus bicostata  -  Southern Blue Gum - ST
Eucalyptus bicostata  -   Tasmanian Blue Gum
Eucalyptus nicholii  -   Narrow Leaf Peppermint
Eucalyptus pseudoglobulus  -   Bastard Eurabbie
Eucalyptus viminalis  -   Rough Barked Manna Gum
Eucalyptus elata  -  River Peppermint

Applications to the ACT government to 
remove these species will NOT be supported.  

Eucalyptus blakelyi  -  Blakely’s red gum  -  ST
Eucalyptus bridgesiana  -   Apple box
Eucalyptus dives  -   Broad leaf peppermint
Eucalyptus goniocalyx   -   Bundy
Eucalyptus mannifera  -   Red spotted gum
Eucalyptus nortonii   -  Silver bundy
Eucalyptus pauciflora  -   Snow gum  - 
Eucalyptus polyanthemos  -   Red box
Eucalyptus radiata   -  Narrow-leaved Peppermint
Eucalyptus rossii   -  Scribbly gum  - 
Eucalyptus rubida  -   Candle bark
Eucalyptus melliodora   -  Yellow box


  • Scarred tree's in the ACT  - ACT Government pdf (here)
  • Scarred and carved trees - Queensland Government (here)
  • RMIT University Scarred Trees - pdf (here)

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